Ceylon Skincare for Men of Color - A Review

I’ve never had serious issues with my skin, but I realized the importance of healthy skin sometime in middle school when a lot of my classmates were falling victim to the horrors of acne and blemishes. In response, I prioritized and perfected my skincare routine early on. My morning and evening skincare routine ALWAYS followed these three steps: cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

Over time, I tried various products and seemed to find the right combination to keep my skin a healthy balance of matte and moisturized in the summer, and healthy and hydrated throughout the winter. There was a stint with Proactive, St. Ives Apricot Scrub is always a go-to for the exfoliated win, and I swore by Clinique for Men throughout my entire college career. So when I scrolled through Instagram and discovered Ceylon, the first skincare brand developed specifically to help men of color achieve healthy, nourished, and clear skin, I was sold! I mean, GQ even co-signed the brand for “Changing the Skincare Industry for men of Color.” Founders, Blake Rascoe & Patrick Boateng are also men of color so how could I not want to support? I did want to try the brand for myself before I gave an opinion. 

The MOBI team had a recent trip planned to DC for a MOBItalk which was the perfect time to try the products while traveling. My first impression once I received the kit was that I LOVED the minimal branding! The product sits perfectly on a vanity or bathroom medicine cabinet and the size is ideal for traveling. 


I tend to gravitate towards exfoliating face washes, but Ceylon’s Detoxifying Facial Wash ($13.95) didn’t disappoint. Its invigorating citrus and lavender scent is a nice “wake me up” during your morning wash. My skin felt thoroughly cleansed without being left too dry or oily. That’s perfect for me as my skin is already heavy on the oily side. I also appreciate the fact that the wash doesn’t foam which tends to leave my skin dried out as well. 



The instructions call for applying the toner to a cotton ball, but I consider toning the most important step in skincare. I spray it directly and heavily on my face and use a cotton ball to wipe away all the dirt and impurities. Aside from my pores being cleansed and feeling fresh, Ceylon’s Hydrating Toner ($13.95) has several functions: removing oil, dirt, and other pollution from the face, rebalancing the skin’s pH levels, and actually preparing skin will a small boost of hydration before applying their moisturizer. 



I’m always cautious when it comes to moisturizers. I mentioned that my skin is very oily so I typically use an oil-free moisturizer or one that actually mattifies the skin. My pores literally leak oil in the summer so it’s not uncommon for me to skip my moisturizer from time to time on really hot days. What I loved about Ceylon’s Clarifying Moisturizer ($13.95) is that my skin seemed to absorb it naturally without it feeling heavy or sitting on my skin. I usually finish off my skincare routine with a few spritz of setting spray to keep the oil in my skin at bay and give my skin a nice dewy look, but I skipped this step after trying Ceylon. My skin felt sufficiently moisturized and vibrant so I didn’t really feel the need. 


My thoughts? Ceylon skincare is a win-win! I definitely plan on incorporating The Ceylon Skincare Set into my daily skin routine. At $31.46, it’s nearly half the price of what I pay for Clinique and at MOBI, we’re all about supporting our community. 

Make sure you shop Ceylon and use our code: “MOBI15” for 15% off your purchase!