F.A.Q (Frequently Ask Questions)

What is MOBI?
Mobilizing Our Brothers Initiative (MOBI)  is a series of curated social connectivity events for Black gay and queer men to see their holistic self while promoting community, wellness, and personal development.  

What is MOBIfest?

MOBIfest, is a free ticketed interactive arts experience that celebrates Black Queer voices in fashion, music, visual arts and media. With a focus on wellness, MOBI connects individuals to opportunities to better themselves before and during the event.

How do I earn access to MOBIfest?

Take Action*/Earn Tickets*/Experience Culture*

MOBIfest is a free ticketed event. In order to access a pass to the festival, attendees can visit one of our community partners or wellness initiatives and invest into their own health and wellness. You will receive your free access pass upon completion of taking ownership of your health and wellness. Please visit “Earn a Ticket” for more information.

Where is the festival?

MOBIfest is a citywide festival and will have various locations across NYC. Please see our events page for locations and times. Subscribe to our announcements to be the first to receive updates.

When is the festival?
MOBIfest will take place on Thursday, June 13 – Saturday, June 15. Times and locations vary and will be announced soon. You can see our Events page for more information.

What are the times of the events?
Times vary. View our Events page for times and locations. Subscribe to our announcements to be the first to receive updates.

Is there an age requirement for MOBIfest?

The minimum age requirement to attend most of the events is 16+. However, events with alcohol on-site, you must be 21 to drink. No one underage will be allowed to enter due to venue restrictions. Events that are 21+ will be clearly indicated.

How do I earn access to MOBIfest?

Please visit “Earn a Ticket” for more information.

Will re-entry be allowed for MOBIfest?

Re-entry will be allowed with proof of ticket.

Do I have to receive a service in order to attend?

Accessing one of our self-care initiatives is recommended and priority is given to those who activate their pass in advance. There will be limited on-site services that you can gain entry, but it is not guaranteed.  

Will there be food or beverage provided at the events?
Food and beverages will be available for purchase at most events or provided complimentary of MOBI.

Are the events being held inside or outdoor?

Given Mother Nature’s unpredictability, all events will be held indoors.

How Do I Earn a Ticket?
Please visit the Earn a Ticket page for more details.

How do I become a sponsor or program/activation partner?
Please contact info@mobi-nyc.com

Are there opportunities to perform or showcase my art at MOBIfest?

For performance opportunities please contact Kenneth Courtney at kenneth@mobi-nyc.com. For visual art submissions, please submit through our form here.

How can I sign up to be a volunteer?

Please check back for any updates.

Can I purchase tickets to MOBIfest?

MOBIfest tickets are not for sale. However, visit our Earn a Ticket page for details on obtaining a free ticket!

Will tickets be available during the festival?
Tickets are first-come, first-served. Visit our Earn a Ticket page for details on how to obtain a free advance ticket.